A 360° SharePoint customised solution

Backup does not indicate archiving. Taking copy of SharePoint contents and storing it is called backup, on the other hand, archiving improves SharePoint performance by moving dated documents from the database to another less expensive destination and frees up space by leaving a link with minimal footprint.

Our client, one of the largest public accounting, consulting and technology firms in the U.S. intended to migrate from SharePoint 2013 to 2016. During this migration process, they identified faulty functionalities of the current incompetent system and decided to fix them alongside the migration. The client was already using an archiving system that was deployed across multiple siloed systems. This archiving system required high manual intervention and maintenance. A gap analysis was done between the expectations of a desired archival system and the current system, in that process, several product backlog items (PBI) under each scrum was recorded.

The other reported inadequacies were

  • 3 days of manual archiving – 600 audited data archived manually everyday
  • Manual conversion of spreadsheets and documents into PDFs for storage
  • Relative links for corroboration across archived locations
  • Access privileges across 3 environments – internal, private ( to observe attorney-client privilege) and external
  • Messy UI for printing – The attorneys preferred hand copies to court rooms and it was inconvenient

A comprehensive solution for digital archiving was developed by us. Archiving SharePoint content helped the company maintain content in pristine condition that will be useful to all users in the organization, thereby improving user adoption of the platform. The new archiving architecture was designed to deliver a virtually instantaneous search, increased end-user functionality and a streamlined search process. A lightweight and competent provider hosted app on SharePoint was deployed that could aid effortless site template based migration. It was also integrated seamlessly with the SharePoint search index, allowing archived content to appear in search results alongside active content.

By deploying this robust solution, the firm witnessed a plethora of benefits such as, search results relevance, optimizing storage costs, improved user adoption of the platform, regulatory compliance, improved backup and restore strategy, etc…giving lawyers the tools they need to maximise their efficiency and reduce response time and to enable tangible savings in costs to the business. As firms look for creative ways to score costs such as provided hosted apps on SharePoint, while maintaining complete functionality, this proves to a good bet for firms that deal with enormous documentation.