Successful IT Integration for Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions(M&As) are complex. Selecting the right target, completing due diligence and negotiating the transition and transaction are all-consuming efforts. First, IT departments are tasked with ensuring business-as-usual operations during the integration process. Consequently, post-acquisition, they cannot function effectively until the IT of the acquired business unit is integrated into the acquirer’s IT infrastructure. A recent McKinsey report states that 45-60% of the expected benefits from M&As are directly dependent on post-acquisition IT integration.  As with many business opportunities today, success lies with properly leveraging available technology, particularly as it relates to the third cause of failure outlined above. Integration execution is a prime driver in successfully obtaining the benefits M&As deals aim to secure. 

  • We have migrated over 1 billion mailboxes
  • Over 40 website re-migrate to platforms
  • SharePoint end-user competency
  • Migration of technology to Oracle
  • Prime vendor for Java, open source, mobility
  • Development of tools and products using Oracle
  • Oracle Gold certified partner

Our client is a $2 Billion company, a leading provider of consulting and engineering services with over 400 offices around the world. Over the last ten years, they have had over 60 migrations and acquisitions. We are proud to be their consistent partners supporting IT integration of the M&As. It is uncommon, if not difficult to find two companies using identical IT systems and applications. A lack of synchronization throughout the IT infrastructure can cause difficulties with everyday business processes (e.g. onboarding new employee, emails and sales) creating complications and slowing down overall time operations. This distracts companies from focusing on their core business competencies. These M&As, whether they be of SaaS, cloud or on-premises technologies, aid businesses in numerous ways - diversifying their portfolio, increasing focus on core competencies, establishing new growth platforms and adding a new set of capabilities. For over a decade, we have offered a library of solutions for numerous use cases related to enterprise data integration. Whether it be overcoming integration challenges after M&As or building a connected hybrid environment, we have been able to provide a complete set of solutions to keep our client businesses connected.

Cloud to cloud integration:  Easy to connect SaaS applications. Cloud integration use cases such as process orchestration and data loading are effortless.  

Cloud to enterprise integration: Integrate and secure connectivity across the cloud and on-premises through a single platform.

API enablement: Create instant API connectivity to hundreds of accessible services and applications on-premises or in the cloud with out-of-the-box connectors.

Integration for SaaS providers: Integration apps and out-of-the-box connectors provide integration solutions for customers to support common system usage.

With IT playing a progressively pervasive role in today’s organizations, successful merger integration requires close alignment of IT and the business side of a company before, during and after the merger.  M&A projects come up short due to complex integrations. Costs during these operations can quickly get out of control in the process of adopting IT systems and business operations. Our experience shows that businesses require comprehensive IT integration capabilities to achieve the desired outcomes. We have substantial experience in transforming large, complex global operations across industries and functions.