Cloud Services

What we do?

Some of the value adds that we serve are:

• Cloud Solution Architect to help you in solution discovery architecture design and WBS

• Cloud Engineers who get their hands on the admin tasks and monitor system activities in your environment

How we do?

Office 365

Office 365 is your familiar Microsoft Office services in the cloud. It’s the Office you know and love, which is now on all the desktop and mobile devices you use most (including your smart phone and tablet), whenever you need it and virtually wherever you are.

A truly best-in-class, integrated, cloud-based productivity tool, Office 365 provides not only the familiar core Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – but also facilitates Skype, SharePoint, Exchange, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and more.

Our experts help validate the business requirements by help design workflows that help development possible on the open source technology. Additionally, extensive quality assurance is done on each stage of the life cycle thereby ensuring the system is less prone to defects thereby ensuring success of the business.

Excelencia can help you achieve the many immense benefits that cloud-based MS Office365 delivers:

  • Considerable reductions in IT costs
  • Automatic updates in the cloud – no more buying/installing updated software
  • Cut hardware and energy expenditures – you don’t need servers with the cloud
  • Instant global network capability
  • Scale your business quickly as needed
  • Work together better and more easily
  • Get work done from anywhere

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure brings many capabilities that allow IT and application teams to provide new features faster and with less risk to their customers. As an experienced cloud solutions provider for Microsoft Azure, Excelencia provides a full range of services to help our clients leverage all aspects of Azure. Our Azure practice offers PoC identification, Assessment on Cloud Readiness, Migration assessment, Migration Planning & Compliance Check.

Excelencia AWS benefits

Excelencia’s AWS permits companies to rent the infrastructure and virtual computers needed to operate business applications. With this platform, an organization can expand or reduce its capacity in just a few minutes instead of hours or days. This feature allows a company to scale capacity up or down according to its immediate needs, which is ideal for organizations that are just getting started. Through Amazon, a company’s IT manager has the option of choosing the best memory configuration, CPU and storage according to the operating system that the organization uses and the applications that it needs.

Why Excelencia is So Good?

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