Infrastructure Management System

What we do?

Some of the value adds that we bring to the table:

• Stay ahead of the race with our exceptional Architects who guide you through the critical analysis, solution discovery and much more

• A pack of Consultants who deserve a high-five for their holistic vision on the future-ready infrastructure

• A team of Admins who outdo themselves time and again on the management and maintenance front

How we do?

Our Services include

Excelencia’s Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) wing offers a suite of reliable, responsive, flexible and time proven infrastructure services and solutions. You can literally make a bet that this wing will deliver unique value to your / your customer’s business. Sit back, relax and scan the weekly/monthly reports, while our experts continuously manage and monitor your environment for threats and issues. The wing’s USP is that they monitor your systems and spring into action to detect, analyze and fix any potential threats before it impacts your business. All this, without raising an eyebrow.
  • Enterprises Architecture Review and Implementation (TOGAF 9.1)
  • IT Governance and Strategy Implementation (COBIT Framework)
  • ITIL Process Implementation
  • Rearchitect an existing environment
  • Cloud adoption
  • Hybrid implementations
  • Upgrades & Migrations

Why Excelencia is So Good?

deliver IT Services faster (X faster)
staff productivity (in %)
reduce costs (in %)
network management (+)