How to leverage existing skill-set for Oracle ADF mobile app development?

Mobile application development has taken a huge stand with the app craze increasing every day. People are looking for apps even to monitor their food. It is high time for developers to innovate and bring together their ideas to build an all new application in a very short time. Each mobile OS providing its own Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile application development with native code languages, iOS using objective C, Android using Java, Windows using C# and so on. Even though the look and feel of the application is all three platforms looks similar, it has to be developed with their corresponding code which means developing three different applications. Sounds complicated, isn’t it?

This issue is now handled by making use of cross-platform technology which reduces development cost and time to a large extent. Oracle product suites has done justice for its customers by bringing in more innovation and primitive mobile technology, ADF mobile, a cross-platform application development technology that enable you to create browser-based, enterprise mobile applications. Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile use open technologies like Java, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS for application development, hence application for any platform can be created using a single source. Talking about some of its advantages that could help develop your business, Oracle ADF Mobile

  • Needs no sheets of codes anymore
  • Needs no XML Parsing as it enables “Data controls” which handles web services.
  • Creates mobile applications which access native device services like camera, gallery, location, contacts, etc.
  • Enables offline applications that protect enterprise investments from future technology shifts.
  • Build application using code and serve it in different platform, rather consist of Thin Native Frame work for supporting each platform.
  • Need no separate integration for clout device capabilities
  • Lightweight Java VM is embedded to support the application logic written in Java.
  • Has a “Task Flow” diagram which is the skeleton of the application which shows the development process.
  • Can implement Module specific authentication.
  • ADF Mobile technology has a collection of features or application modules.
  • Provides Authentication for specific features in the application.
  • Includes mobile-optimized style sheets by default that ensures each component render to the device’s browser.

These technical features are enough to make Oracle ADF Mobile popular in the mobile app development industry. It can be mastered with the knowledge in general coding languages in a short period of time. So this is a good news for application developers.