Messaging & Collaboration

What we do?

Some of the value add we bring to the table are:

• Architects that assume the overall responsibility of the systems be it Office 365 or SharePoint

• Admins that take care of installing, configuring, maintaining, upgrading and managing services

• SharePoint Developers who participate in all phases of systems activities and majorly contribute to the development life cycle

• Business Analysts to help analyze, gather, document and translate requirements to the team

How we do?

Excelencia’s Office-365 services has reinvented communication and collaboration across enterprises and this trend is to stay. Relax while we protect your business-critical E-Mails, files, conversations, groups, teams, and sites. This comes with an item-level restoration capability, like a cherry on top.

Our SharePoint service offering is one of the best with certified SharePoint developers, admins and architects. Our experience ranges over a band of industries like healthcare, oil and gas, construction and telecom to name a few.

Excelencia provides the following services under the Messaging & Collaboration division:

  • SharePoint On-Premise & Cloud support
  • SharePoint administration
  • SharePoint development
  • SharePoint branding
  • O-365 On-Premise & Cloud
  • Migration to O-365
  • Support & Maintenance

Why Excelencia is So Good?

reduced response time (Work done in %)
real time compression (X faster)
generated leads for sales & marketing (in %)
increase in email response (in %)