Is multi-cloud right for your business?

The dictionary meaning of “cloud” is being modified as IT keeps growing, it is no more understood as a singular noun. It is being classified as a plural adjective in case of digital technology. Feel the need to choose multi cloud service for your business? Whether you opt for private, public, hybrid cloud or a combination of these, you are likely to work with multi cloud. As defined by Cloud Tech “Multi-cloud is about mixing and matching the best-of-breed solutions and services from different cloud providers to create the most suitable solution for a business.”
With a definition in hand, moving to how it matters for your business, considering the industrial usage of cloud: almost one third of the organization already depend on four or more cloud vendors. Reports say that about 80% of the organizations will adapt to the multi cloud environment by 2020. Why not be a trend setter right away? But you need to know why.

Reduced vendor lock-in

Multi cloud lets you avoid “mixing all ingredients at a time”, not a chef’s choice, which would optimize cost, agility and flexibility. Relying on single cloud vendor is never a good idea when it comes to IT business. This probably mitigates risk among cloud providers too.

More choices

There is a huge variety of features and capabilities that each cloud vendor provides. It is ultimately your decision to pick the right model to support your services, applications, and workloads of individual teams and departments.

Controlled risk

Multi cloud cannot be a success when not combined with the right service. But stepping onto the appropriate cloud could minimizes potential downtime, outages, and bandwidth problems while strengthening disaster recovery.

Improves geo-presence

With the expansion of your cloud usage, you can also aim to spread your wings across geographical locations. As multi cloud helps to manage latency issues, address data sovereignty, and more.

Reduces cost

As discussed, with multiple features to choose from, you will need to pay only for what you choose. Even though signing multiple contracts with multiple cloud vendors is complex, there is a significant reduction in cost by finding the best possible price – take time to work on this.
Significantly, implementing a multi cloud setup for your business can be challenging, but remember you got to be competitive in all facets. To build a strong, latest and cost-effective IT infrastructure, multi cloud is a suitable offer for your business employees and customers for running a critical production workload.